Three Natural Tips on Removing Bed Bugs

Regardless of the condition of your house, there will time for bed bugs to infest your home and feed on you.  While in deep sleep you and your family members are being bitten by bugs.  What a terrible nightly experience to sleep on bed with insects!  Unfortunately, this is the truth and there is no way to run away from this reality.

Many decades ago, bed bugs were considered fully removed, but they are coming back.  This time they will endanger the life of the entire household.  Now is their time to payback with vengeance.

While there may be advances in technology, these blood-sucking pests are proving themselves to be more dangerous.  They are too difficult and too expensive to eradicate.  Many pest control companies claim to remove these critters by means of industrial-strength insecticides.  But remember, many chemicals they use are extremely toxic that bring threat to the members of the family.

Removing bed bugs doesn’t actually need to dispose your towels, mattress, and beddings.  There are natural ways to fight without putting anyone in danger.  What is needed is basic knowledge on how to eradicate them.

Tips to Killing Unwanted Invaders Naturally

First Tip: Employ high and low temperature.

Bed bugs can be treated by openly exposing them to temperature—whether high or low.  However, high temperature is more preferred as their eggs and young can be killed more effectively.  Use of high temperature prevents them from increasing and spreading to other places.

You can use the steam vapour cleaning to get them exposed to extreme temperature.  They thrive not only in beddings and mattress but also in curtains, carpets, walls, and any place they can find a foothold.  You can get rid of them by steam cleaning your curtains, carpets and mattress.  Also it is advisable to wash any infected clothes, towels, or things you use.

Second tip: Use hair dryer, vacuum, or flat iron

Another simple and natural way of killing these creepers is by using a vacuum.  It helps in limiting or removing the risks of bed bugs.  Severe heat of hair dryers can kill those crawling on your mattress.  Many homeowners also trust the use of flat irons in exposing them to extreme hot temperature. Once they get out from their place be sure to treat them immediately so that they won’t spread further.

Third tip: Tea Tree Oil

Another natural alternative is to combine water and tea tree oil using a spray bottle.  This solution must be misted over the mattress and other bed bug infected areas. Combined with heat, the usefulness of this technique is good enough to kill those bugs.

Bugs are prone to high temperature and putting heat to where they hide is the best option to eliminate their habitat.  While other people prefer to hire the services of pest control companies, they can only succeed in moving bed bugs but leaving behind the egg sacs.

If you think you don’t like to use chemicals you can inhale, why not try the natural remedies.  The above are excellent options to help you.  They are even safe to those suffering from certain allergy and pesticides.

Bed bugs are a risk to your property and family health.  You don’t need them in any way. It is possible eradicate them by using natural treatment.