Effective Options for Couch Cleaning

Couch furniture is designed for relaxation and resting of people in their everyday living.  The high traffic and overuse can lead to an early wear-and-tear condition.  If you notice your couch looking dull and ugly, it is the right time to bring it some form of treatment.  You can employ a few upholstery options for cleaning.  The best approach of upholstery and couch cleaning will depend on the furniture itself and its fabric materials.  You can use a brush, rag, a spray solution, or equipment for cleaning.

Create Your Own Cleaning Solution

Most homeowners are using the typical household items to produce cleaning solutions. Vinegar, essential oils, ammonia, and baking soda are mixed in one container.  This makes an effective cleanser which is tough but not toxic.  Components and measurements for home-made cleaning solution:

Need your Couch Cleaned?

Need your Couch Cleaned?

  1. Water – 5 cups
  2. Baking soda – 2/3 cup baking soda
  3. Vinegar – ¼ cup
  4. Ammonia – 3 cup
  5. Essential oil (like rose or lavender) – 5 drops

Mix thoroughly the ingredients while waiting for baking soda to get dissolved. Based on the degree of cleaning, you can make the mixture doubled or tripled as needed.

Pour a cup of this home-made cleaning solution in a bottle spray then fill it with water.  Spray your couch concentrating more on the spots and wait for the solution to be absorbed. Follow it up using a scrub brush to soften the stubborn soil.  Scrubbing should me mild to avoid destroying the surface.  Then repeat the same procedure and dry the surface till you see all the dirt removed.  Often, this process is suggested for a slight couch cleaning

Couch Deep-Cleaning

Lots of deep cleaning solutions are fitted out with upholstery and couch attachments.  Preparing the machine is similar to cleaning the floor.  You put water together with the cleaning solution.  If the homemade cleaning solution gets strained on the loose spots, this can be applied in the machine, too.

Once the equipment is prepared, pre-treat your couch by using upholstery spray cleaner.  Then scrub it with a brush to loosen the stubborn dirt.  You may opt to skip the scrubbing and instead use the equipment.  If you choose the scrub brush, this will give you savings on the power consumption and the cleaning solution.  Following the pre-treatment, use the upholstery attachments in order to pull up dirt.  This will deep clean entirely your upholstery.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

One great advantage of hiring the expertise of professionals is the comfort of not doing the job yourself.  In addition, lots of contractors are using ecological-friendly products.  These new products are safe to use and people and pets don’t get affected.  Finding a qualified couch cleaning contractor will use green and non-toxic products.  Upholstery cleaning becomes much easier with quicker results.  Once couch is scheduled for professional cleaning, your furniture will receive deep cleaning for that refreshing and welcoming look.  Go online to search for the right contractor close to your local community.

Before choosing the servicing contractor, you must get through some particulars first.  Hire a company that is fit to your budget and requirements.  If you spend small amount, you can find the right company with expertise and years of experience.  Certainly, you can make your expensive furniture and couch dirt-free.