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Hoover FH50240 Review of the Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner

Hoover FH50240 MaxExtract Clean
Hoover FH50240 MaxExtract Clean

Hoover FH50240

If you’re looking for a mid-weight carpet cleaner that is effective in cleaning, then you can try Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet and Hard Floor Deep Cleaner FH50240. This is the current addition of the excellent Hoover carpet and hard floor covering cleaners. This new model introduces a streamlined design making it lighter in weight and simpler to operate.

​This carpet washer incorporates the tried and tested Hoover’s SpinScrub Technology. The FH50240 has 77 counter rotating brushes to remove dirt at every angle. With its Edge to Edge cleaning it loosens and lifts the difficult stains.

Great Features and Benefits of the Hoover FH50240

  • Detachable brush heads
  • Great horsepower
  • Mid weight
  • Individual clean and unclean water tanks
  • Hot water cleaning
  • Individual detergent compartment / rinse only mode
  • Multiple hand tools
  • Long-cord length
  • Two-year warranty

Advanced Cleaning Performance

Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet and Hard Floor Deep Cleaner Fh50240 gains a high rating in terms of cleaning performance. Comparing it to other carpet washers, better results are obtained with a machine that is less in cost. Lots of household pet owners speak about the excellent end results through its advanced cleaning performance.

Whether it is pet urine, coffee or wine stains, the Spin Scrub Technology feature is trusted in doing awesome job for the carpet washer. See what it does:

Cleaning with the Hover FH50240

Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning with the Hover FH50240

1. Quick to assemble and operate. With the recent design, Hoover Power Scrubber can be quickly assembled with handling that is conveniently smooth. The water tanks can be filled and drained easily. Overwhelming positive reviews about its reliability and usefulness are well-regarded. Perfect alignment of the tank and the cover was the previous concern of users. However, this is no longer a challenge for users these days.

2. Carpets dry quickly. Carpets dry up easily after washing using this carpet washer. The average time of usage ranges from 2 to 3 hours. This washer provides a mechanism which allows hot air to pass through the carpet. It applies the Max Extract Dual IV Nozzle technology for suction cleaning. It causes water to be taken out from the carpet.

3. Mid in weight. This carpet washer shampooer is a mid-weight unit for ease and comfort. Weight is below 22 pounds making it one of the mid weight carpet washers in the market. Users appreciate the maneuvers which are less intimidating while rolling out and using the machine. Scruber matches the cleaning needs of the multi-storey buildings and homes.

Contrasts with other Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50240 provides the latest addition to Hoover line of carpet cleaners. Its construction and design have addressed the helplessness of other older models.

Pros of the FH50240

  1. Easier to use
  2. Much better construction
  3. Mid-weight feature
  4. Best hand tools - SpinScrub, Squeegee and Uphostery
  5. Wash and Rise Cutting Cleaning in Half
  6. 32 oz Bottle of 2x Professional Strength Carpet and Uphostery Deterget
  7. 16 oz Bottle of Hard Floor Detergent

Cons of the FH50240

  1. Costs more
  2. No various brush speeds

Reasons for buying this Carpet Washer

This is the most preferred carpet washer that cleans stained and soiled carpets. It’s so easy to use. It offers both the best features of the traditional models and the new features of the new design for optimum use.

In general, Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer makes the best choice for cleaning purposes: performance, rinsing and effective handling. Hand tools are capable of reaching all corners.

So if you are thinking about cleaning your home or office, use the Hoover FH50240 for complete satisfaction.


How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell the Natural Way

how to get rid of cat urine smell

Have you been spending too much time searching for a treatment solution on how to get rid of cat urine smell?  With so many products sold on the market, you don’t even know which one is really the best.  One choice can be better than the others.  But opting to use the all-natural solution, which is actually not complicated, can make your effort easy.  It does not take various steps in making the application.  With only minimal work, it will help you fix the problem about the cat’s pee smell inside the house. Continue reading


Do you really need a Professional Cleaner?

Do you remember the first time you moved into your house or had the new flooring? Everything around the place were clean, appealing and fresh.  But a few years later, things have already changed.  Today, when you get inside the house, you see spots anywhere especially on your carpet. Everyone else has spilled milk and coffee on it.  Even your pets have stained it with their urine.  Your carpet has become worn out and now it looks so old and untidy.

cleaning up

The once appealing carpet is now with surface blots and stains scattered on it.  It has accumulated dirt, spills, and blemishes.   You can make a temporary remedy by sweeping, vacuuming, and pouring powders on it.  Or you can temporarily rent a steam cleaner or shampooer to get the stains off the carpet.  With clean hot water, you can remove part of the spill.  Or you can buy special products like shampoos from the nearby supermarket.

It is true that a carpet has changed its appearance from being attractive to being grubby.  But cleaning it by a person who is busy is next to impossible.  It takes an amount of time to clean a carpet, wash it, and dry it clean.  So in cases like these, it is the best option to get the services of a third party.

The Need for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a part of the home’s decorative piece of art.  It is gorgeous to look at and there’s a need to preserve it to maintain its lovely look.  An experienced carpet cleaner is capable of taking care of that area rug.  After cleaning it, the floor covering will appear hygienic and beautiful again.

It is recommended to achieve professional cleaning of the carpet every 6 months or more.  It helps in washing it and restoring the originally form and quality.  Professional cleaning prevents dust and filth from settling beneath the carpet where mites can thrive.

Dust mites have all the reasons to breed and create troubles to people’s health. Mites from carpets can make people suffer from recurring diseases.  Complete cleaning minimizes the risk of developing asthma and allergies brought by dust mites.  Certainly, no one wants to become ill and suffer discomfort for a long time.

Then there people how have their pets live indoors. This brings a few other items to consider as cat who live inside also some times don’t make it to the kitty litter tray. It’s items time these you need a professional to know exactly how to how to get rid of cat urine smell without ruining your carpet.

With an expert cleaner, there’s no reason why you cannot keep your area rug nice again! Brisbane contractors do excellent jobs in giving sparkle to your carpet.  With the professional’s guidance, they can help people in maintaining the carpet’s good condition.   It’s a way of lowering the risks and making your home perfectly organized and clean.  Picture yourself reaching your house with a carpet that is clean, it gives a welcoming spirit!

If you think you have some companies to consider, look for the best one by narrowing them down.  Not all carpet cleaning Brisbane companies have remarkable services, that’s why homeowners want the most reliable one. The Brisbane carpet cleaning market is not that big and not all operators are seasoned professionals.  It makes sense picking the best provider for satisfying cleaning services.  Who wouldn’t appreciate a comfortable carpet that looks fresh and spotless after cleaning!

Now the Office

So now at work shouldn’t it be as clean as at home. Some offices have get them, cleaning on a regular basis. Because smart bosses know a clean and healthy work environment reduces absenteeism.

Don’t you love those work places that have a roster to cleaning the kitchen. And would you put your hand up to clean the office toilets? Honestly what were you employed for.

Now we all want a clean office, but why not cut the head aches in half and get a commercial cleaning Brisbane company in to do the dirty work for you. Gets my vote.

Have you seen these offices that have the roaster to have the kitchen cleaned. There are those that do a really good job of cleaning and then those, who just pack the dishwasher and that’s it. Never even wipe down the benches.

What about your work station – who ever dusts those down?  Remember that time you had to move desks and say all that dust accumulated around the computer and the screen. Now you think your desk is clean and tidy but is it really?

Look, save yourself the time and get a quote from an office cleaning Brisbane company who will do the job right first time every time. Depending on the size of the office and the number of staff will really determine how often the place needs to be cleaned.

Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning: Understanding the Basics

water damaged carpet due to flooding

When carpets get damaged in water for several hours, woven fibers also get detached from the polyurethane backing.  Because of this, it leaves no good alternative other than changing it.  However, not all carpets damaged by water are severely affected.  Many times only little amount of water has dropped.  So cleaning, sanitizing, and drying will help homemakers in making choices.  They do it when challenged with issues about wet carpeting. Continue reading