Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning: Understanding the Basics

When carpets get damaged in water for several hours, woven fibers also get detached from the polyurethane backing.  Because of this, it leaves no good alternative other than changing it.  However, not all carpets damaged by water are severely affected.  Many times only little amount of water has dropped.  So cleaning, sanitizing, and drying will help homemakers in making choices.  They do it when challenged with issues about wet carpeting.

The first thing to understand is to know what kind of water has damaged your carpet.  There are actually three of them to classify the kind of water:

  1. Clean water coming from a damaged pipe, overflowing sink, and leaking appliances.
  2. Water coming from toilet and bathroom overflow with the presence of urine, warm water heater leaks, or any possible spills where water is mixed with impurities.
  3. Water containing feces or raw sewage from drainage.  Or it could be water coming from outside.  It moves first in the ground before going inside the house and then soiling the carpets.

Understanding each classification is helpful in knowing the first actions to take after saturated carpet is discovered.  Know also who to call for the fast clean-up of the damaged carpet.

water damaged carpet due to floodingThose carpets that are damaged by the first and second classifications can be restored and cleaned without replacing them, if there are no marks of big damage.  Get rid of standing water using truck mounted extraction machine while positioning dehumidifiers and air movers in the wet carpet.  It speeds up the drying procedure while eliminating the appearance of mildew and mold.  Your water damage carpet cleaning will provide for the machine and the necessary experience from beginning to end.

The third classification carries water together with germs and pathogens that are clear threats to the safety and health of the occupants.  Those carpets damaged by water should be removed and be discarded. It should be done by professionals with the application of anti-microbial agent to sub-floor surfaces.  There is no short cuts taken and strict observance to industry rules must be followed.  There are guidelines and standards for carpet restoration caused by damaging water.

It is an overwhelming experience if your beautiful carpet has been damaged by water.  Probably, you would do anything to save that carpet. Homeowners are often anxious when challenged by water damage carpet cleaning and what’s the next thing to do? Select a qualified company that follows the industry guidelines. Competent companies can make proper steps to recovering your carpets from disaster.  They will bring back the secured environment to your home or place of business.