How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell the Natural Way

Have you been spending too much time searching for a treatment solution on how to get rid of cat urine smell?  With so many products sold on the market, you don’t even know which one is really the best.  One choice can be better than the others.  But opting to use the all-natural solution, which is actually not complicated, can make your effort easy.  It does not take various steps in making the application.  With only minimal work, it will help you fix the problem about the cat’s pee smell inside the house.

Cat Urine

how to get rid of cat urine smellThe urine of a cat contains salt uric crystal making the smell very dreadful. Scrubbing the wet floor and area is not enough in totally eliminating the odour.  There will always be the left smell evaporating in the air.  You may want to buy cleansers but you may still end up frustrated, wasting your time and money.  Always be alert with the guaranteed products in the market and their promises.  Learn carefully what product to use on how to get rid of cat urine smell.

Cats have been in the homes for ages and cat lovers consider them as one of the family members.  Therefore the problem about the pee smell has been around also for a long time.  If you search for the cleansing solution to treat the smell, look for the right mixes.  Solutions filled with poisonous chemicals can only be risky to humans and pets.  You can find some solutions which are naturally made from household ingredients with a low price.

Another way to do is to reach the root problem why they urinate everywhere.  Your cat will pee again and again in your floors, carpets, sofas, and other corners. Train your cat patiently so that it will not urinate anywhere in the house.  What to do is getting rid of the salt uric crystals away from the house.  Their own urine scent attracts the cat to pee in similar place repeatedly.  Take the necessary action to refrain your cat from habitually urinating inside the house.

Removing Cat Urine from Carpets

If you are suffering from the smelly cat urine carpet, you can stop it before it can even destroy your valuable possession.  It can only take several days to eliminate the foul stale odour of cat urine.

Always check your litter tray everyday if you have one in the house.  If the litter tray is soiled your cat may not enter into it.  So the issue is the unclean litter tray.  Clean it daily to be sure that the pet has a clean box to do its own business.

About the urine smell, avoid using anti-bacterial sprays when cleaning the urine.  These sprays only attract the cat and the pet will not stop peeing in the same carpet.

Any homeowners can stop their cat from urinating on the carpet.  There are other cleaning tips that are effective to use.  As the master of your pet, listen what your cat wants to tell you from time to time.  It will not only remove the smell, but will also teach the cat not to urinate inside the house anymore.

Sonja - a couple of years ago

My son and his wife are about to move in with us because of finances but they are bringing two cats with them and we have a dog that Is old and has had multiple accidents on the carpet, will the cats pee in the areas that he has had those accidents? Will they mark their territory because it is new surroundings? I am not a cat lover so I need to know these things.

Clyde - a couple of years ago

I have had a cat before that would not stop peeing on the couch are you telling me that is because we couldn’t ever get the small completely out of the couch is why that was the case? I got so frustrated with him that we took him to the human society to be adopted out because I couldn’t get him to quite. Thank you for posting this information now.

Sonja - a couple of years ago

I think cat urine is probably the most rancid thing I have ever smelled and once you get it in your home you can’t get rid of it. I am not a cat lover anyway so the first time a cat pees in my home I am ready to get rid of it. Maybe this will help me not feel that way when my kids move back home with their cats.

George - a couple of years ago

This subject bothers me to no end. I love animals, especially cute little puppies. Big dogs, not so much. Whatever your favorite kind of animal may be, if you choose to raise one or rescue one from a shelter, you are going to have to deal with at least some measure of urine problems within the house. I was over my friend’s house, who has a litter of puppies for sale, and she was continually cleaning urine.

Leontine - a couple of years ago

Since cat urine is so potent in its odor and destructive to your home, I would say the best investment you could make is in a feline whisperer / trainer to get to the core of the problem. There are a lot of phony experts (or expert phonies) out there, so this is not always a feasible solution. I find that dogs are much easier to potty train – which is partly why I no longer own cats.

Jacob - a couple of years ago

I saw a story about an apparent insecticide mishap at the building where the Donald’ resides, which led firefighters and rescue crews to Trump Place on Riverside Boulevard and West 67th Street to deal with a pervasive, nasty smell much like “cat urine”. Fortunately for the tenants, who pay around $3,000 a month for 1-bedroom apartments, no evacuation was necessary and there were no injuries or dangerous chemicals reported, but it does illustrate how potent cat urine is.

Robert - a couple of years ago

I don’t have to worry about the cat yet but they are coming to live here in about four months. In the mean time I have a dog that has a hard time holding it when he has a seizure so he has pretty well saturated this one spot on the dining room floor where he always lays. How can I get that clean so that it doesn’t smell?

Edward - a couple of years ago

You know it when you smell it. It is just a fact that you can’t ignore. Cat urine smells. Whether it is in the litter box (where you hope it is) or elsewhere in the house the first thing you always want to do is get rid of that very strong, very potent odor. It can permeate the entire house and take it over with the pungent aroma. Cat lovers may love their pets but no one likes the smell of their urine.

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